X2: REALLY First Things Before First Things

I have a new habit. Before flashing my title slide up on the screen these days, I offer up two others first—or "REALLY First Things Before First Things." I label them "X2." Or: "The Excellence TWO." They encompass two central ideas that often get lost in a list of 10 or 20 key ideas—or never make the list at all.

They encompass two notions of ... Surpassing Strategic Importance.

Two notions we all "care about"—but two notions that we frequently fail to ... OBSESS ... on. And it is precisely ... OBSESSION ... that is called for.

The X2:

EXCELLENCE in Cross-functional Communication and Integration.
EXCELLENCE in 1st-line management.

Check out the attached pdf.
Then act ... TODAY.

Tom Peters posted this on September 21, 2010, in Strategies.
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