Ahoy There:
What’s Ahead?

[Our guest blogger is Madeleine McGrath, Managing Director of the Tom Peters Company.]

Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve been getting the feeling that business owners and managers in our network are at last beginning to lift their heads up to look ahead for their organizations. It’s not surprising that many have been preoccupied with survival for quite some time now, but the slowness of the recovery has been remarkable. We’ve been wondering how this punishing recession will have affected the way people are viewing their roles as leaders and where they will choose to focus their efforts as they look beyond the immediate horizon.

Tom is, and as a result we are, passionate about Excellence, and we are always keen to connect with the mood of the moment. That’s why we have decided to focus our Summer Research Project on discovering if there are any trends emerging in the way leaders are viewing their future development priorities.

We are particularly interested in the point of view of the kind of folks who follow this blog—a population that we have always found to be forward looking and optimistic. Are you running a team or organization? Or are you a consultant that offers services to organization leaders? Do you have around 30 minutes to spare to take our online survey in the next couple of weeks? In return for your participation, we’ll be delighted to share our findings with you. We’ve already heard from early survey participants that completing the audit has given them some great food for thought about where they might concentrate their efforts.

For more information about the research study and how to register to participate, click here. Thanks!

Madeleine McGrath posted this on July 23, 2010, in Announcements.
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