TLBT Video: Graniterock

The latest addition to the videos of Tom is Service: Graniterock Company, in which Tom tells the story of this construction materials company that has found a unique way to remind customers that they intend to deliver Excellent service every time. You can watch the video here (1 minute, 42 seconds), or get a PDF transcript: Service: Graniterock.

Tom’s filmography at YouTube is growing! There are over 25 videos in The Little BIG Things series alone, and many more videos of Tom to choose from there.

There are new selections of audio files on The Little BIG Things page, as well. Items 41 through 48 represent the sections titled “Performance” and “Work.” Listen with the links below, or find all the little BIG things up to #48 at the audio player on our book page.

#41. It’s Showtime! All the Time!

#42. Work (Like a Demon) on Your First Impressions.

#43. Work (Like a Demon) on Your Last Impressions.

#44. Work on Your Presentation Skills. (Or: 17 Minutes Can Change the World!)

#45. On Being a “Professional.”

#46. “Everything Passes Through Finance” (and So Should You).

#47. What’s on the Agenda? Why Don’t You Decide?

#48. We Are All in Sales. Period.

Cathy Mosca posted this on June 3, 2010, in General.
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