Closing Comments

Tom has always enjoyed the interchange of ideas in the comments area of his blog. He’s actually included some of what’s been written here in The Little BIG Things. All of us here at feel that our community has been enhanced and enriched by so many who have shared their thoughts with us. But for several reasons, not least of which is the amount of time it takes to battle the recent increase in contextual spam, we have decided to close comments on future posts as of this Friday, June 18. (Along with that, the comments RSS feed will end, as will the RSS feed for the Free Stuff page) All of the comments on past posts will remain.

Rest assured that Tom will continue to blog and you’ll still be able to contact him. He’s on Twitter daily (@tom_peters) and that’s the most direct way of connecting with him. If you’re new to Twitter, or would rather read only, try something like Seesmic Look (software that helps you get started by reading only rather than engaging) or Tweetree (a site that allows you to read the ongoing conversations). And don’t forget the old standby, email (tom at

For those of you who have taken the time over the years to let us know what you think, thank you. For those loyal readers who have never felt drawn to comment, we invite you to say hello this week. Whether you comment or you don’t, thank you for reading!