Why I Spent Last Summer Inside Writing a Book

I spent last summer inside, writing a book so that I could get notes like this:

“Thanks to your book, and the hit upside the head about the importance of flowers; we now have flowers every week in our offices AND I’ve arranged to have flowers delivered to my mom every two weeks—duh, why didn’t I do that years ago. She’s loving them!!

“Thank you for the continued inspiration.”

That’s from my colleague and friend Verne Harnish. Verne is CEO of Gazelles, and is the undisputed champion of growth companies.

And then there was the Tweet from a businessperson who had taken to heart my item on the power of a smile. He said he’d thought about it and was consciously applying “smile power” with remarkable results. I accused him of putting me on. He swears that he is not and that the change has been transformative.

Forget the “better human beings” bit. I’m not your pastor, so I’ll settle for a more turned on-tuned in work force serving customers more effectively—courtesy smiles and flowers! (Well, I admit that I also do get off on the fact that Verne scored mega-points with his Mom!!)

Tom Peters posted this on May 6, 2010, in Brand You.
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