The Engineer Runs Amok!

Engineers love equations. I have an entire section in my new book which tries to reduce implementation to a set of equations. Two days ago I posted an equation that several in TwitterWorld seemed to have found useful:

K = R = P
(Kindness = Repeat Business = Profit.)

It is so clean that I should probably leave well enough alone.
But I can't.

So here's a set of three:

K = R = P
K + Q = R = P+
K + Q + W = R + N = P++

Kindness = Repeat Business = Profit.
Kindness + Quality = Repeat Business = Profit Plus.
Kindness + Quality + Wow! = Repeat Business + New Business = Profit Plus Plus.

And then, just to confuse things:

K(I) > K(O)
(Kindness to employees is more important than kindness to customers because kindness to employees is the best way to maximize long-term kindness to customers.)

Tom Peters posted this on May 6, 2010, in Strategies.
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