Jim Warren’s Message!
And You?

I’m a lucky guy. Over the years, lots of people have said lots of nice things to me.

But few can top Jim Warren.

Who’s he?

No idea.

Jim Warren left a phone message.

I guess I mentioned that I live in Tinmouth, VT somewhere in The Little BIG Things.

Jim W was in O’Hare.

Guess he used directory assistance or some app or another.

I’m listed in the phone book.

He called and left a message on our home phone answering machine.

He gushed and gushed about TLBT.


There’s a message or three or seven in Jim W’s message:

  1. One never gets tired of positive feedback/appreciation/recognition. (More precisely, “Thank yous.”)
  2. Spontaneous Acts of Thoughtfulness are Mighty Love Bombs.
  3. SATs are MLBs that can lead to stratospheric profitability.
  4. SATs are at the Heart of repeat business.
  5. I’ll [literally] remember Jim Warren, “the O’Hare guy,” until my last breath.
  6. I’ll talk about Jim Warren until my last speech.
  7. The fact that JW went to the effort (a) to call, (b) to call from the airport, (c) to go to the trouble of finding me adds multiplicative power to the act.


  1. When was the last time you “did a Jim Warren”?
  2. Will you promise me to “Do a Jim Warren” at least once today, at least three times this week?
  3. Will you use/urge “Jim Warren-ism” at your next ops meeting?
  4. Will you measure your “Jim Warren-isms”?
  5. Will you remember to tell your folks that the likes of me will remember Jim Warren approximately forever?
  6. Will you tell your folks that this is TMALBTs? (The Mother of All Little BIG Things.)


NB2: JW was not at all sure he’d gotten the “real me.” Well, Bubba, you did!!!

Tom Peters posted this on May 11, 2010, in Brand You.
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