New Audio

Tom did the reading for The Little BIG Thingswhen the audio version was recorded, and we’ve been putting it on our book page a section at a time. Today you’ll find new MP3 files of one Special Section and the sixth section of the book, titled “Self.” You can use the links below, or find the first five sections of the book plus two special sections on our book page. It’s always a treat to hear Tom telling his own story.

Special Section: The Recession 46—”Secrets” and “Strategies” for Dealing with the Downturn of 2007++


#21. You Are Your Product—Develop It.
#22. Job One: Amuse Yourself!
#23. Fitness Power = Staying Power.
#24. Mental Gymnastics, Urgency Of.
#25. You Are Your Story! So Work on It!
#26. Develop Your R.POV8—ASAP!

Cathy Mosca posted this on April 15, 2010, in General.
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