Been Hacked? There's Hope.

[Our guest blogger is John O’Leary. It seems Erik called him upon receiving spam from John’s email address. The conversation led to this idea. The post is a re-blog from John’s website.]

One nice thing about being repeatedly hacked in your email and social networking accounts is hearing back from old friends and business colleagues you haven’t been in touch with for years! I’m sure you can relate. In my case I can’t say that everyone on my spammed contact list has been entirely pleased to hear from me—or who they thought was me—but amazingly many of them have taken the bait. It appears that hundreds of folks are now wondering how I’ve been able to start so many multi-million-dollar home businesses this year AND successfully sell cheap meds on the side (while maintaining a consulting practice). Well, I’ve decided to exploit this opportunity and share my trade secrets in a new book I’m working on: How *YOU* Can Make Millions From Getting Hacked & Spammed in Your Spare Time. (The first step is: Don’t give up that AOL account.) Subtitle: Business Lessons From Viagra.

John OLeary posted this on April 21, 2010, in Technology.
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