Link Roundup #14

There are a few books by Cool Friends:
Jason Fried has written Rework with David Heinemeier Hansson, his co-founder at 37signals. The back of the book states, in part, that “planning is guessing,” and “inspiration is perishable.”

Dan Heath and his brother Chip wrote Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard. They explain how the chances of sustaining change are increased if both sides of the brain are satisfied … the emotional side as well as the logical side.

Richard A D’Aveni is a friend who hasn’t yet become a Cool Friend. In Beating the Commodity Trap, D’Aveni points out that commoditization can happen to any business or product, even the most iconic.

Cool Friend Sylvia Ann Hewlett has an article on by way of, “Why Women Are the Biggest Emerging Market.” We appreciate her adding her voice to Tom’s.

Then there are a couple of quirky messages we got in the emails:
In response to Tom’s video about First-line Supervisors, Marko Gregori directed questions to Tom about managing negative talk if you’re working on a good product under a bad boss. Marko ended up by posting a blog asking for input, and you might help him out by contributing some thoughts on the subject.

Cathy Mosca posted this on March 12, 2010, in General.
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