I really don’t need to do this, but I will anyway.

I Tweeted this morning on over-testing in healthcare: Buy MRI/CAT scanner. Big bucks. Must amortize in piecework/pay-by-procedure medicine by ordering as many tests as possible. Leads to $1 trillion over-treatment price tag. Leads to at least 10,000 deaths.

You know what?

I’m also pissed off that most companies don’t cater to HUGE older folks market.
I’m also pissed off that most companies don’t jerk their strategies around 178-degrees to serve the women’s market.
(And put women in leadership roles accordingly.)
I’m pissed off that managers aren’t assiduous in practicing MBWA.
I’m pissed off that managers are such shitty listeners.
I’m pissed off that managers say “thank you” so infrequently.

Bob Waterman, my In Search of Excellence coauthor once told, as I recall, BusinessWeek that, “Tom’s not happy unless he’s pissed off.”

Probably true.

Yipee! The reviews of The Little BIG Things have been mostly very good. But those who don’t like it invariably complain about too much stuff in BOLD print. I understand their point, and suppose it is sometimes distracting.

But I’m pissed off.
And pissed off requires … BOLD.

Hey, it’s not worth getting out of bed unless you are determined to alter some small corner of the world. That’s a BOLD aspiration.

So, for better or for worse … BOLD it will be.
Must be.

Tom Peters posted this on March 30, 2010, in Excellence.
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