Link Roundup #13

International Mentoring Network Organization, a nonprofit organization aimed at making professional mentoring available to all, has launched the Get in Their Shoes 2.0 Campaign, the longest Mentorship Auction ever conducted. You can submit a bid for your chance to be mentored by Guy Kawasaki, Caterina Fake (co-founder of Flickr), Aaron Magness (director of Brand Marketing at Zappos), or many others. The winning bidder gets a session with the mentor of their choice; for example, the first winner got a half hour on the phone with Dan Pink. Each week a new mentorship opportunity will be posted, so you might want to bookmark the link.

BloombergBusinessWeek and the Hay Group have collaborated on a study of best leadership practice, and they’ve identified the Top 20 among the Best Companies for Leadership. Here are links to study findings that we found of interest: Women Leaders: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills, and How Infosys Leads the Way in Leadership. And here are the Top 20 (advance the slideshow to see details on each one).

Cool Friend Andrea Learned has made women consumers and the green/sustainability trend a major topic of study. See this blog entry from February 18 at her website: Working Women: Key to Promoting Energy Efficiency. That led her to try to find women at the forefront of the sustainability movement. If a name comes to your mind, she wants to hear from you @AndreaLearned, with the hashtag #sustywomen.

In the emails to Tom we got this on-site account from Haiti. The CEO of Timberland arrived there among the first responders to the earthquake, and one of his former employees sent us his report as an example of leadership qualities to emulate. We think you’ll find it riveting to read for many reasons, of which leadership lessons may be the least compelling.

Fast Company published its list of the Most Innovative companies. We’re happy to point out that HarperStudio, the publisher of Tom’s new book (out soon!), made it into the media list. Online, the article is supplemented by this slideshow of the Top 10.

Also at, best experienced online with the volume turned on: The Top 10 Addictive Sounds. We think some may surprise you.
Tom loves the Olympics’ display of Excellence. To help you keep score, The Huffington Post offers the Olympic Medal Tracker. It’s fun!

Cathy Mosca posted this on February 26, 2010, in General.
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