Link Roundup #12

Keller Graduate School of Management has an online roundtable discussion series on how “businesses of any size can encourage an environment of corporate entrepreneurship.”

The Job Search Difficulty Index “measures the difficulty of finding a job” either by state or major U.S. city. For January, as I’m sure you can guess, Michigan was the most difficult state in which to find a job.

With the current state of the job market, many people are turning to self-employment. Reader Stephen Garner pointed us to “How to Succeed in the Age of Going Solo” from the Wall Street Journal.

If you’re as interested in improving patient care as Tom is, you may want to tune into the Institute for Healthcare Improvement‘s bi-weekly podcast.

Design fanatic? Check out BusinessWeek‘s Special Report: The Value of Design.

On a lighter note, our colleague John O’Leary has a wry look at cloud computing.

Shelley Dolley posted this on February 9, 2010, in General.
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