"Guru" This!

I just finished an hour+ walk on the streets of Miami. I imagine I saw, say, 500 “workers.” In bank branch lobbies. Hotels. Restaurants. Other miscellaneous shops. Heading into law firms and PR firms. And so on. And on.

I bet 98% (literally) have pretty standard bosses who, in turn, are embedded in pretty standard hierarchies. And I further bet that the reach of most of their markets is about five blocks, and no more than the Miami border.

And so on.

(Oh dear, and 98%++ don’t even read my blog … or Tweet.)

That is, about 98% of the people I saw are pretty much unaffected by all of the “cool” stuff and “weird” stuff and “world-upside-down” stuff that about 98% of the “gurus” (me included!!) write about 98% of the time.

That is, I sometimes (right now) wonder what we “gurus” are doing to help/be of service to 98% of the working people of the world, from Miami to Chicago to, yes, beloved San Francisco and Amsterdam and Dubai?

Just a thought.

Tom Peters posted this on February 17, 2010, in Blogging.
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