Link Roundup #11

Here’s a collection of items from news and blogs and friends that we’d like to pass on for the beginning of the new year.

Out of possibly zillions, here’s a selection of lists and suggestions for how to survive and thrive in 2010:
Twelve Resolutions on How to be a Mensch, by Bruna Martinuzzi
Ten Things I Know for 2010, from Ian Sanders
Ten Practical Tips for Saving Money on Travel from the New York Times

Cool Friend Andrea Learned sent us this trend prediction for 2010: Sustainability Communication.

Lots of fun, this one came to us in the emails. Out of the box (not to say out of control) ideas for consulting at Listen to Peter Day’s interview with Neil Mullarkey on comedy and Peter Cook on rock ‘n roll.

And finally, “Hire My Friend” is a free application on Facebook that allows you to promote your job-seeker friends within your friend network by announcing their candidacy in your Live/News feed, and placing an information box about them on your profile. Or, become a fan of “Hire My Friend.”

Cathy Mosca posted this on January 14, 2010, in General.
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