Link Roundup #10

On NPR’s Marketplace, Cool Friend Rosabeth Moss Kanter talks about Peter Drucker’s principles, starting with “First was the importance of a company having a sense of mission or a purpose.”

Tom pointed us to this article in the Wall Street Journal, “Temporary Workers and the 21st Century Economy,” by Jody Greenstone Miller. It foresees a world where most people have several part-time jobs rather than one for 40 (plus) hours every week. A new book to appear in the U.S. in January, And What Do You Do? names this trend: Portfolio Careers. The British authors Katie Ledger and Barrie Hopson offer practical tools to help you determine if you are suited to this grab-bag approach to work and what types of work you’d prefer. Read more at their website, [Full disclosure: Katie Ledger is the wife of one of our UK consultants, David Pilbeam, but the coincidence of its timing in step with Tom’s noticing the article on the same subject was too much for me to ignore. Besides, I liked the book.]

We normally don’t promote events. But for all the visual thinkers in our audience who might be able to make their way to San Francisco in March, you really shouldn’t miss Cool Friend Dan Roam’s two day seminar. Not only is he a talented guy (read: you’ll learn a lot), but he’s a lot of fun to spend time with.

We love this story in the Financial Times, “Room to Read’s results in Sri Lanka.” It’s about children who love books, and the success of the program founded by Cool Friend John Wood in bringing the two together.

Joy Stauber, the designer responsible for the fantastic banners at (watch for a new one on Monday, the first day of winter), has a manifesto up at ChangeThis: Brands Are People Too. The point being that “however a brand is born [invariably started by people], it has to have a personality that people connect to.” Yes!

Cathy Mosca posted this on December 18, 2009, in General.
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