Link Roundup #9

Cool Friend Dan Coyle has a terrific post on failure.

BusinessWeek‘s feature of ski company K2’s design and innovation process teaches an important lesson on focusing on the user of your product. Hat tip to Cool Friend Matthew May.

The latest manifestos have been posted at ChangeThis. Our suggestion is to check out “The Upstarts Are Here!: What Can You Possibly Learn from Entrepreneurs in Their Twenties? Plenty” by Donna Fenn.

Cool Friend Andrea Learned predicts how current trends will change how we do business in “Bridging Gender, Consumer Behavior & Social Responsibility.”

We enjoyed Ian Sanders’ post “Five Big Lessons from Small Shop Keepers,” not because he mentioned Tom, but because the five lessons are right on the money.

Tom spoke in Angola last month. Since we don’t hear much from an African perspective on this blog, we thought you’d enjoy this blog post from someone who heard Tom speak at that event.

Shelley Dolley posted this on November 13, 2009, in General.
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