9 Questions To See If You Are Caring ENOUGH

[Our guest blogger is Cool Friend Rajesh Setty. Learn more about him at his site, his blog, or follow him on Twitter.]

Teddy Roosevelt said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

So, how do you know you are caring enough?

Do a self-assessment on your level of caring by thinking through these nine questions:

  1. Are you REALLY listening when they are talking OR are you thinking about what you will say next?
  2. Do you care for them OR do you care about their opinion of you? (Inspiration from the book Leadership and Self Deception by The Arbinger Institute]
  3. Do you usually call them when you want something from them or when you think you can offer something of value to them?
  4. Are they in your “network” or are you both in each other’s “networks?”
  5. Do you leave them impressed with you OR do you make them feel good about themselves?
  6. What do you see when you see people? (From a quote submitted by Mike Wagner of White Rabbit Group)
  7. If time is money, they are making an investment by spending their time (money) with you. How are you ensuring that they are getting the right return-on-investment for this interaction (ROII)?
  8. Are you treating them the way you want them to treat you?
  9. Are they REALLY better off because you are in their life?

Your turn now. What question should you ask yourself to see whether you are caring enough?

Raj Setty posted this on November 10, 2009, in Brand You.
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