Coming Up! Tom In Toronto

This could be a great opportunity for those of you who live on the East Coast (U.S. and Canada) and don’t mind driving. On October 16th, 2009, in Toronto, Tom and Marcus Buckingham are to be together at a seminar titled Management & Innovation in a New Era. The latest book from Marcus is subtitled What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently. There’s a match with Tom! Here’s the blurb from the organizers of the event, The Art of … Productions presented by Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

How would you like to spend a day working with the world’s most influential management & leadership authorities on your key business challenges? The Art of … events is excited to offer you the opportunity to do just that. Tom Peters’ & Marcus Buckingham’s ground-breaking concepts have transformed management strategies and leadership practices around the world. Together with David Allen [Getting Things Done] & Mitch Joel [Six Pixels of Separation], they will lead 1,200 managers and leaders in an intensive and interactive seminar on how to go about implementing these practices.