Link Roundup #6

“Renovating an Industry”: One interior designer’s story of how she’s making herself more accessible in the recession, using a blog, and soon to use Twitter and Facebook.

Frequent commenter Ian Sanders interviews Cool Friend Kevin Roberts.

In other Cool Friend news, David Weinberger‘s most recent book is Everything Is Miscellaneous, and he talks about it with Susan Bratton at PersonalLifeMedia.

Sounds like our kind of play! Scribblenauts: Your Vocabulary Controls the Game.

Teenagers don’t use Twitter … their parents do.

And a corollary observation: Mothers Use Facebook, Twitter, Blogs More than Average Adults. “According to the study, nine out of ten (93.6%) mothers regularly or occasionally seek the advice of others before buying a service or product. Additionally, no less than 97.2% said they give advice to others about those products or services they purchased.”

Are economic conditions controlled by public perception?

The Good Enough Revolution,” where the low end is the space to conquer.

A macroblogging trend? Check out Woofer, it’s the anti-Twitter that requires you to use 1,400 characters.

Kimberly-Clark is taking the aging boomer market very seriously. This Wall Street Journal piece describes how they’re putting themselves in the shoes of their customers.

Want happiness? Be your own boss. [via Daniel Pink]

Cathy Mosca posted this on September 17, 2009, in General.
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