Excellent Equinox

Summer turned to fall during the Autumnal Equinox at 5:18pm EDT today. We celebrate the changing of seasons with a fresh banner design. A lot of thought goes into each seasonal banner. For this fall, our banner designer, Joy Stauber, has included not only images representing the season, but a colorful photo of baskets from Angola, where Tom will be speaking in October. Have you noticed that she often moves left to right through the beginning to the end of a season with the images? We have a leaf turning yellow with a background of green at the beginning and end with frost on a road that appears to be near Tom’s farm in Vermont. She’s also used her son’s building blocks to begin the phrase Excellence Now, a perfect reminder that Excellence need not be complicated. Have an Excellent autumn!

Shelley Dolley posted this on September 22, 2009, in Announcements.
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