Remembering Walter Cronkite

I remember growing up with Walter Cronkite. My family used to sit and listen attentively to what Mr Cronkite had to say. He was considered the voice of authority in our home. Of all the news reporters that have come and gone over the years, Walter Cronkite’s voice is the one I can still hear in my head. I think about Cronkite’s brand, and I realize that it was consistent throughout the years. He was known to be honest, straightforward, factual, fair, and credible. I recall him covering President Kennedy’s death, Martin Luther King’s death, the space shuttle mission, and many other events. You knew that when Cronkite delivered the news, you would get the truth in an unbiased way.

Walter Cronkite’s brand was consistent through the years; that’s why he became known as “the most trusted man” in America. Cronkite’s brand created a loyal following of viewers who will always remember him and his grace under pressure.

And that’s the way it is.

Val Willis posted this on July 20, 2009, in News.
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