TomChirp #11

Strong Language Follows!

The New York Times (May 19) reports “Passengers’ Advocates See Progress.” Several topics are discussed, and the most contentious by far “is whether Congress will impose a time limit on keeping passengers on planes stuck on the tarmac.” Four Canadian airlines have recently set a 90 minute limit in almost all cases. Needless to say, American carriers are fighting this tooth and nail.

Forget, please, for a moment, any diatribes about government nosing into private sector business—save ’em for another topic.

As to the strong language warning: As a veeeeeeery veeeeeery frequent flyer, I hereby declare that I don’t give two shits about the airlines’ problems in this regard. They bloody well asked for the regulation by their repeated disregard for customer concerns—read overflowing, clogged toilets for one.

To the airlines I say: Stuff it!!!

Tom Peters posted this on May 20, 2009, in News.
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