Coming To Your Local Theaters.
Or Maybe iPhones?
Or Maybe …

The set-up ...

Erik and Cathy and I and our Enterprise Media colleagues, Stewart Clifford and Dini Coffin, spent two veeeeeery long days doing videos in Stewart’s lovely house in Boston’s South End. The idea was useful short pieces for use hither, thither, and yon. By the time we wrapped, we’d done about 80, count ’em!, little pieces, each with a complete “micro-story.” They’re being edited right now.

(NB: There are lots of ways, like a cellphone camera for YouTube sorts of production, we could have proceeded. Perhaps I’m just a “yesterday” sort of guy—but we went with a very world-class camera-and-sound crew.)

We’d love your help! Got any great ideas on the distribution front? To be brutally honest, we wouldn’t mind making a buck or two from this, though we also plan some freebie releases at Let us know …

(Above, photographer-in-chief Erik Hansen offers a side view of the proceedings as I recount a story. And, below, the punchline.)

... and the punchline

Tom Peters posted this on May 12, 2009, in General.
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