100 Ways to Succeed #170:

Stop Kidding Yourself!
Do Fresh!

Years ago: I’d gotten home late from a long & harrowing trip. At breakfast the next morning, I declared to my ex-wife that I felt “fresh as a daisy”—no ulterior motive, I did! As I said it, I dropped my coffee cup on the floor.

Her (appropriate!) response: “Petal fell off.”

Likewise, apparently brimming with energy, in days past, I’d arrive in London from San Francisco, go to my hotel and change, and get on with my day’s work—certain, redux, that I was “fresh as a daisy.”

Arriving at around 6 a.m. from a mere Boston-LondonHeathrow trip, these days I usually take the day off:

Then wander around London.
Working dinner is a possibility.


Fresh matters!
A lot!!!!!!
(And not just in the OR or cockpit.)
(And age makes some difference—but, I believe, not a lot of difference.)

(I still feel “fresh as a daisy”—thanks, Mom Peters, for the Energizer Bunny genes. But now I’m “sage enough” to admit that I ain’t!)


Don’t do delusion!
Do fresh!