100 Ways to Succeed #164A:

The Farm in Spring from the hill

Excellence In (Today’s) Tough Times.
More Than Ever.

Excellence is always worth its weight in gold.
If possible, Excellence is worth even more than its weight in gold in tough times.

In tough times, the pressure is such that there is often a temptation to cut corners.
Think “Excellence.”
Don’t cut the corner/s.

In tough times, your morale is often shot, and it’s hard to get out of bed.
Think Excellence.
Set the alarm a half-hour earlier than usual.

In tough times, it’s really tough to be a boss.
Think Excellence.
It is tough to be a boss in tough times—but tough times are the Ultimate Test for you and your team—EXCELLENCE is a more worthy aspiration than ever before.

Excellence. Always.
If Not Excellence, What?
If Not Excellence Now, When?

[Above, the Farm, with Spring finally arriving. Below, close-up of the sort of brambles that stand between me and Excellence!]

Big thorns