Let's Hope Main Street Performs Better Than Wall Street!

Wall Street’s behavior continues to boggle the mind. With government help, some of the financial news is good—hence, in the mind of the “players,” it’s time to re-open the bonus spigots! Fail to do so, and, OMG, we might not be able to retain some of the “superstars” whose 275 IQs and Excellence-in-Greed got us into this mess.

I’m not sure what the Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual # is, but these people are certifiably insane:



Well, let’s hope Main Street does better than Wall Street!

We may be (50-50 odds?) on the verge of a true pandemic. One important-crucial way to fight it is to stay home if you think there’s even a small chance that your symptoms match up to the H1N1 profile. While the possibility of malingering is never zero, I pray that employers, despite their often pinched straits circa Spring 2009, will be hyper-generous in encouraging people to stay home with pay if they think there’s a chance they are infected. Alas, with the horrid economy, if you have a job at all you sure as hell don’t want to test your employer’s patience. Hence, there must be a lot of bending over backwards by all parties to do every damn thing we can to behave sensibly and thence reduce the spread of H1N1.

Let’s all get down on bended knee and pray that Main Streeters have better sense and a greater commitment to the greater good than the Wall Streeters.

[*”Scumbags” is an entirely inappropriate word to use here—my only defense is that I thought long and hard about this, and I arrived at the conclusion that the only word I could think of to describe those seeking re-instatement of large bonus pots at this point is, well, scumbag.]

Tom Peters posted this on April 30, 2009, in Healthcare.
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