Hats Off ONE

Amsterdam canal view

The Hotel Pulitzer here in Amsterdam has a fabulous location (in the exact middle of things), etc., etc. But on my Short List of Lustworthy Attributes it scores a Perfect Ten on three, whereas even the best of the best are often awful on All Three!!

(1) Windows that can be flung Waaaaaaay Open!
(2) A Veeeeeeery Bright bedside lamp.
(3) WiFi that actually is easy to connect to and, so far, has a great signal that isn’t interrupted. (I CANNOT TELL YOU—IN 2009—HOW MANY HOTELS HAVE WIFI THAT CAN ONLY BE GRADED “SUCKS STUPENDOUSLY.”)

Give me those three, a clean duvet and toilet and shower, and I’m a Happy Camper!

Picture above: Spring comes to Amsterdam, a canal view—what else? Picture below: House boat—I called Susan; I want one!

House boat bedecked with flower boxes

Tom Peters posted this on April 21, 2009, in Excellence.
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