You Know It's Been …

You know it's been a long trip when your day's highlight is doing three full loads of laundry.

March 7-March 28:

VT-Boston-London-Abu Dhabi-London-Boston-VT-Miami-Bogota-Houston-San Antonio-Dallas-Boston-Frankfurt-Vilnius-Tallinn-Helsinki-Frankfurt-Boston-VT.


40,000 miles (I know, nasty carbon footprint).
30 time zones.
Total home time 18 hours.
1 Sinus infection.
2,500+ uniformly delightful people from 6 countries on 4 continents including U.S.A./N. America.
Lucky me.* **
(*Dunno why, but a couple of guys bitching loudly about Lufthansa boarding about 5 minutes late, on Saturday morning in Frankfurt, really pissed me off—I said, "We should all be so lucky as to be here." Americans criticizing a German airline for a 5-minute deviation was amusing.)
(**I won't deny I'm so damn tired I feel near tears.)