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#1/A couple of weeks ago I offered up a document called “The Heart of Strategy.” It was a list of 48 ideas about the essence of what I see as strategic excellence—or some such. The word count was 538. I thought it was worth fleshing out, so attached as a pdf you will find the annotated version, now 57 items (“The Heart of Business Strategy: 57 Things That Matter”), with a word count of 5,051.

[04.01.09 version: “Heart of Strategy” is edited once more, now 56 items.—CM]

#2/You will also find on offer a “collection” I’m calling: “Tom Peters’ Thoughts About Getting Things Done, in Good Times and Bad.” It includes a somewhat updated version of “Recession45: Forty-five ‘Secrets’ and ‘Clever Strategies’ For Dealing with the Recession of 2008-XXXX,” which appeared last week; the aforementioned “The Heart of Business Strategy: 57 Things That Matter;” “The ‘Have You 50;'” and, from among last year’s offerings, “Attending to the ‘Last 98%’: The New ‘Management Science,’ or ‘Hard Is Soft, Soft Is Hard.'”

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Tom Peters posted this on March 30, 2009, in Strategies.
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