Say all you want about Big Media’s Big Gloom—I’ve said a lot in this space. Nonetheless, I found Floyd Norris’ “The Money Is Gone, Now What?” [International Herald Tribune 03.19.09] very thought-provoking on a personal plane.

The best may well be yet to come, etc., etc. But the fact is, Norris says, the money is g-o-n-e. That is, yours and mine, and a lot thereof, whether the starting point was modest or immodest.

It may come back.
It may not.
Or later.
Or not at all.

So, act accordingly, that’s Norris’ message. He finishes this way: “It is not an easy reality to adjust to. But simply assuming that we deserve to live as if it had not happened will only make things worse.”

Suit yourself. But it hit me right between the eyes.

Tom Peters posted this on March 23, 2009, in Markets.
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