Just for a Laugh!

I’ve just laughed out loud in the office reading about a recent piece of research from UK parenting group TheBabyWebsite.com. They trawled online telephone records for what they termed “most unfortunate names.” Here are a few they highlighted: Terry Bull, Tim Burr, Pearl Button, Barry Cade, Justin Case, Mary Christmas, Barb Dwyer, Doug Hole, Jo King, Anna Sasin, Paige Turner, and my personal favourite, Carrie Oakey!

US-based researchers have also highlighted the likes of Annette Curtain, Anna Prentice, and Bill Board in the same vein, and warned of career choice implications if your name is Leslie Doctor, Thoulton Surgeon or Les Plack: currently practising as a doctor, surgeon, and dentist respectively!

Does anyone know of any people whose parents didn’t think carefully enough when they named their new baby, or whose career choice has opened them up to more than a little smirking when they are first introduced?

My TPC colleague Vicki Setford has started things off by citing a gravestone near to her grandparents’ grave in East London which commemorates the late Walter Pipe …

Richard King posted this on February 27, 2009, in General.
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