Basics57: From Action to Excellence

For a presentation in Auckland on Friday I created a document centered around 21 “Basics.” Upon reaching Queenstown on Saturday, as per my custom, I ended up expanding it to “Basics57.” You’ll find it below, and in PowerPoint format.

1. Action! “Bias for action.” “Ready. Fire. Aim.” “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
2. Failure. “Whoever makes the most mistakes wins.” “Reward excellent failures, punish mediocre successes.”
3. Execution! “The last 98%.” Enjoy-master the politics or flunk out. The invisible “underbelly” is the key!
4. Great things, small packages. Germany’s Mittelstand.
5. Not cool coolest of the cool. Basement Systems Inc. Jim’s Group, 2,800 franchisees, masters of dog-walking.
6. Big 4. TP’s “4 for 40,” 4 things I’ve learned in 40 years. Decentralization. Execution. Accountability. 6:15AM.
7. Clarity around core values. For living, not for shareholders—best way for shareholders to win.
8. Organizations exist to serve. Period.
9. People first. “Life success company.” “Put the customer second.” “Cathedrals devoted to human growth.”
10. “What do you think?” “Dream manager.”
11. Quality obsession.
12. No corner-cutting in tough times.
13. Design-produce Brilliant/Memorable Experiences. Everywhere. Accounting Dept. as Cirque du Soleil.
14. Keep climbing the value-added ladder. Best Buy/Geek Squad. IBM Global Services.
15. Department as “PSF”/Professional Service Firm. From “overhead” to “principal engine of value-added.”
16. “Insanely great.” “Only ones who do what we do.” “Radically thrilling.” Words matter!
17. Emotions rule. Always.
18. Brand You. Declaration of Independence. “Distinct or extinct.”
19. Design. Apple. Apple. Apple.
20. Innovate or die. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
21. R&D imperative in tough times.
22. You are who you hang out with. “Hang out with weird, get weird. Hang out with dull, get dull.”
23. Diversity for diversity’s sake.
24. Nudgery/Multiplier power/Little = Big. Pronovost’s ICU check list. Etching in the urinal.
25. Location power. The #1 underutilized invisible megalever.
26. “Business model.” Microsoft. “This is how we make money in 25 words or less.”
27. Obsessive-compulsive relationship development and maintenance. Measure it! Focus on the “underbelly”!
28. Crowdsourcing.
29. BlogPower.
30. Decency. Thoughtfulness. Value is X10 in tough times.
31. Smile. Nelson Mandela. D.D. Eisenhower. Starbucks.
32. Give good tea. Ben Franklin.
33. Dance your way to a world-altering alliance in 96 hours. Edward VII.
34. “Thank you.”
35. Apologize. Make the 3-minute call. “Three-minute call hour.”
36. Comeback power. Comeback > Perfection.
37. “Kindness is free.”
38. Transparency.
39. Accountability.
40. Enthusiasm. Energy. Exuberance.
41. Hiring #1. 2 per year/promotion power. 1st line supervisor power.
42. Pick “people people.” Select-for-intangibles.
43. Resilience. “We’ll lick ’em tomorrow.”
44. Appetite for tough times. Tough times define your life.
45. Calendar management. “Calendars never lie.”
46. “Hard is soft. Soft is hard.” “0 for 15.”
47. Women Are the Market. “Womenomics.”
48. Women rule. Women are the best leaders.
49. Boomers-geezers have all the $$$$$.
50. Integrity.
51. Wildly “over-communicate,” especially in tough times.
52. XFX/Cross-functional excellence = Lunch management.
53. Listening. Listening-as-strategy. Hearing > Listening. Become a student!
54. Know yourself—far easier said than done.
55. MBWA/Managing By Wandering Around. “In touch” power. Measure it!
56. Show up in tough times.

Tom Peters posted this on February 23, 2009, in Excellence.
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