Me! Me! Me! Me!

Did you know, my dear young, under-55 readers, that me and mine, those of us over 55, “are more active in online finance, shopping, and entertainment than those under 55?” That’s the word from respected Forrester Research. The quote is from a story in USA Today, 8 January, titled, “Older Folks Like Tech Toys, Too.” Tomorrow, the humongous Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show will have its first “Silvers Summit” in recognition of the above.

My reaction?

I repeat in this Blog for the Umpteenth Time: The Mother of All Markets for Approximately Everything for the next quarter-century is the deeply underappreciated, insanely underserved Boomer-Geezer clan of 100 million or so in the U.S. alone. (Then add the Super-silver EU and Super-silver Japan, and the story grows even more important.)

“Silver Summit”?
This market is not about “silver initiatives.”
This market is the market—the rest is details.

Tom Peters posted this on January 9, 2009, in Trend$.
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