A Mission Statement Must, Circa 2009

Gerson Barbosa posted a Comment yesterday that included the following: “The mission statement of Johns Hopkins includes ‘cultivate their capacity for life-long learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world.'”

It got me thinking. In our rapidly gyrating world (see the two Posts immediately above), learning-for-life is no longer an option. This is true of you at 6 or 26 or 46, and of me at 66 and my great pal Warren Bennis in his 80s. Moreover, explicit focus on “life-long learning” for everyone on board may be the most sustainable advantage an organization of any flavor can have.

Hence, I strongly suggest that “A commitment by all of us to accelerated lifelong learning,” or some such be made a formal part of your mission statement. It deserves to be right up there with the likes of superior quality and profitability.

Tom Peters posted this on January 14, 2009, in Strategies.
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