100 Ways to Succeed #150:

Forget the Labor Laws!
Staff Your Advisory Boards with 4-year-olds!
(I’m serious.)
(Very serious.)

“Everything” is changing.
Our recession-depression will not slow the change; it may well accelerate it.

The change is being “consumer led” by, yes, 4-year-olds, among others.

What do 4-year-olds have to teach you and your small or large, public or private, organizational unit or company?

A lot.

So, what is your Grand Plan/Tactical Plan for gleaning the Wisdom of the Four-year-olds?

   (1) I’m not kidding in the least.
   (2) So what’s your plan?
   (3) Be specific.

NB: Yesterday, driving to Boston, I heard the news that the Christian Science Monitor is, after 100 years, discontinuing the paper edition of its paper. It’ll soon be 100% electronic. Yup, stuff, lots of, is happening.

Tom Peters posted this on January 14, 2009, in Success Tips.
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