I Repeat Myself …

Leading yourself in really weird times:

  1. Be conscious in the Zen sense. Think about what you are doing more than usual. Think about how you project.
  2. Meet daily, first thing, with your leadership team—to discuss whatever, check assumptions. Perhaps meet again late afternoon. Meetings max 30 minutes.
  3. If you are a “big boss,” use a private sounding board—check in daily.
  4. Concoct scenarios by the bushel, test ’em, play with ’em, short-term, long-term, sane, insane.
  5. MBWA. Wander. Sample attitudes. Visible but not frenzied.
  6. Work the phones, chat up experts, customers, vendors. Seek enormous diversity of opinion.
  7. “Over”communicate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Exercise—encourage your leadership team to double up on their exercise.
  9. Underscore “excellence in every transaction.”

Tom Peters posted this on October 7, 2008, in Leadership.
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