100 Ways to Succeed #142:

“We Are Thoughtful In All We Do.”

Consider the idea of: “We are thoughtful in all we do.”
What does it mean?
How does one practice it?
Talk about it with peers, pals, vendors, customers, etc, etc.
Talk about thoughtfulness—”dogmatic thoughtfulness”?—as a powerful and pragmatic business value. (And especially in traumatic times.)
Keep debating.
Consider adding “thoughtfulness in all we do,” maybe “dogmatic thoughtfulness in all we do,” to your formal values proclamation—or otherwise vigorously promoting the idea.

(NB: You must come to agreement on the “bottom line” pragmatism of this idea before formally proceeding—it may well make you better persons, but it is not in any way a “mushy” idea.)

Tom Peters posted this on October 13, 2008, in Success Tips.
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