Kudos to TPWS

Trolling the Web recently, we found praise for one of our favorite parts of the tompeters.com network, tpwireservice.com (TPWS). You should visit it now if you've never seen it. Every day, the TPWS editor, Shelley Dolley, scours the Web for news related to the subjects dear to Tom: Excellence, Talent, Design, Books, Implementation, Branding, Marketing to Women and Boomers (known as Trend$), etc. And she collects them into one place for easy access by Tom fans, aspiring entrepreneurs, Brand Yous, and the like. And, she does a wonderful job! We're glad to see that others feel the same. Thanks to Steve Matthews at the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog for noticing TPWS and reminding us what great work Shelley does.

Cathy Mosca posted this on September 10, 2008, in Excellence.
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