Civil! Civil! Civil!

I will not use this blog for political purposes. Period. What follows is not political.

I got involved in something this morning. Someone asked me to do something for a candidate. They began with a nasty, longwinded riff on how awful some candidate was. On and on it went.

Until I hung up.

Emotions are running high in this election. But that is no cause for incivility. Ever. I was tempted to swear like a sailor at this guy—but it would have defeated my purpose.

Tempers flare in elections—and in business everyday. I don’t object to sounding off in the privacy of a pub with two friends. I do object to such intemperate sounding off in more or less public discourse.

In politics.
At work.

(Plus: It doesn’t work and makes you the idiot.)

Tom Peters posted this on September 8, 2008, in Brand You.
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