Biggest So Far

While I plan to retire in the saddle, and no time soon, I have nonetheless provided my most comprehensive “Master Presentation” to date. It is a ten-part offering:

Parts 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4/Generic Master
Part 2/Leadership
Part 3/Talent
Part 4/”Value-added Ladder”
Part 5/”New” Markets
Part 6/”The Equations”
Part 7.1/Implementation
Part 7.2/Implementation
Part 8/13 “Guru Gaffes”
Part 9/Health”care”
Part 10/”The Lists”

With luck, it’ll all eventually get annotated—in the meantime, you will have to live with my shorthand. As to the “Generic Master,” it is constantly updated, and is my encyclopedia from which about 75% of each presentation is constructed.

Tom Peters posted this on August 29, 2008, in Tom's Slides.
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