OMG, A Positive Airline Story!

Never thought I’d be caught saying something nice about an airline, but here goes. Was scheduled to fly United from SF to Macau, via Taipei. Was indulging myself with a 1st class seat. But transfer process in Taipei smelled nightmarish.

Looking around for alternatives I found EVA Airways. (My travel agent-Goddess had booked it as a very second “safety choice.” (My contracts require a backup.) I don’t pretend to be omniscient, but I’m a little leery of airlines I’ve never heard of after several million miles and several million years of flying. At the EVA website, though, I had the opportunity to go to a neutral site for customer comments—while a couple were minor complaints, the vast majority were very positive. Given the comments and the fact that the connecting process in Taipei appeared to be painless—we booked EVA about eight hours before I was to leave.

Enough of the build-up. Bottom line, top line, middle line: A fantastic experience. Flew business class—$7,500 (no bull) less than United. Everyone, as in everyone, had great attitudes. Check-in painless and positive. Lounges great in SF and Taipei. Transfer in Taipei very easy. And on and on. All together, a rare A+ experience.

(Guess what airline I’m flying back to Boston?)

(FYI fellow ignoramuses: EVA was launched in 1989 with a $3 billion aircraft order. It is a sister of the much older, Taipei-based Evergreen Marine Corporation, the 4th largest containership outfit in the world. I’m slightly embarrassed that Evergreen Marine is a competitor to my hosts at ZIM!)

Tom Peters posted this on July 2, 2008, in Excellence.
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