Nothing New Under the Sun Redux Redux

“For Real Globalization, Look at Ancient Rome”: “There is nothing new about a global world. We were living in one 2,000 years ago. … The Roman in the street ate bread baked with wheat grown in North Africa or Egypt, and fish that had been caught and dried near Gibraltar. He cooked with North African oil in pots and pans of copper mined in Spain, ate off dishes fired in French kilns, drank wine from Spain or France. … The Roman of wealth dressed in garments of wool from Miletus or linen from Egypt; his wife wore silks from China, adorned herself with diamonds and pearls from India, and made up with cosmetics from South Arabia. … He lived in a house whose walls were covered with colored marble veneer quarried in Asia Minor; his furniture was of Indian ebony or teak inlaid with African ivory. …”—Peter Jones and Lionel Casson, The Spectator, 0521.08

The value of this Post? You decide. For me it’s a reminder that our foremothers and forefathers have been through “all this” before—often as not—so enough with the “Oh my Gods”! Instead, enjoy the summer—even if the $4 gas keeps you a little closer to home.

Tom Peters posted this on July 16, 2008, in Markets.
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