When The "Enemy" Really Wins

Business Brickyard book cover“Lose Your Nemesis”: “Obsessing about your competitors, trying to match or best their offerings, spending time each day wanting to know what they are doing, and/or measuring your company against them—these activities have no great or winning outcome. Instead you are simply prohibiting your company from finding its own way to be truly meaningful to its clients, staff and prospects. You block your company from finding its own identity and engaging with the people who pay the bills. … Your competitors have never paid your bills and they never will.”—Howard Mann, Your Business Brickyard: Getting Back to the Basics to Make Your Business More Fun to Run*

*Mr Mann also quotes Mike McCue, former VP/Technology at Netscape: “At Netscape the competition with Microsoft was so severe, we’d wake up in the morning thinking about how we were going to deal with them instead of how we would build something great for our customers. What I realize now is that you can never, ever take your eye off the customer. Even in the face of massive competition, don’t think about the competition. Literally don’t think about them.”