Tom's Tweets

There’s a new way to experience Tom’s Success Tips. We recently told you about the serialization services of DailyLit and that you can have a success tip delivered to your email inbox each day. Now they’ve expanded the format of their offerings to Twitter, the micro-blogging service. Tom’s not planning to jump on the micro-blogging bandwagon anytime soon (limit Tom to 140 characters? I don’t think so), so for now, this is the only way to get your Tom fix on Twitter. How does it work? Using your own Twitter account, you “follow” Tom’s Success Tips. Each day, everyone in the world following Tom’s Success Tips on Twitter will receive a “tweet” with a link to the same tip. Why sign up for this instead of the DailyLit email delivery? The email delivery is a personal subscription and will begin with the first tip the day you sign up. The Twitter offering is more like a global reading group with everyone receiving the same tip on the same day. Since Twitter can be used on a computer or a cell phone, it’s fun to imagine the varied locations and circumstances of the folks who will be reading the tips at the same time. Get on board by June 16th to get the first tip along with the rest of the world’s Twittering Tom fans.