The "Stuff" Is the Fluff, The Flower Is the Power

Vase filled with flowers

I see there’s a lotta talk about Posts with flowers pics! Fact is, The Great Peony Post was just an innocent (I thought) riff about missing home, pretty flowers, and Mid-summer’s.

But if you wanna fight …

I stand foursquare (“fivesquare,” if there were such squares) on … The Side of the Flower.

Remember my Post a while back about “mapping your competitive position,” in which I said, in effect, forget the intellectual mapping exercise—go visit a customer instead? Well, I feel the same way about Peonies.

Forget the “clever” rants on “mergers, yes or no” or some such weighty strategic matter, and get on with the business—The Real Business—of, say, recognizing someone who went the extra quarter step for a colleague, vendor, customer. Recognize him-her-them, I suggest-demand-command, with Flowers! Do it … NOW!!!!

Invest in a new, well reviewed management book (or an old one, by me)? Or invest in Power Peonies to enhance or cement a relationship? Game, set, match, Center Court Wimbledon to those Relationship-building Peonies!

(Above, from our garden—Susan’s garden!—for Midsummer’s.)

Tom Peters posted this on June 24, 2008, in Strategies.
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