The HFMA Event: More

Tom spoke to the Healthcare Finance Managers Association on June 26. In his speech he touted their magazine Leadership, and he insisted that we point you to its website. It provides stories about “compelling and inexpensive efforts” from all over the U.S. to address such pressing issues as patient safety. Tom added that “it proves this stuff can be done—and a million bucks of funding, or a twentieth of that, is not required to get on with it.”

As a result of this engagement, Tom also got a chance to meet Michael Millenson in person for the first time. For years Tom has been quoting Millenson’s book, Demanding Medical Excellence, and he credits it with fueling his interest in healthcare. I found this quote from the book in a Master presentation dated 20 June 2001: “A healthcare delivery system characterized by idiosyncratic and often ill-informed judgments must be restructured according to evidence-based medical practice.” You can read more of Millenson ‘s commentary at his website,

Cathy Mosca posted this on June 30, 2008, in Healthcare.
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