The "model" for my MASTER presentation has historically been Linear—consistent with my engineering background and perhaps my 50% or so of German genetic material. (Peters, for heaven's sake—Granddad Peters, a contractor-engineer, came to the U.S./Baltimore in the 1870s.) But in my oral presentations I find-found that I often never got around to the punchline. So in November 2007, preparing for a speech in Madrid, I decided, "The hell with it, I'm going to organize by importance of the topic by my reckoning, and put first things first"—and the linearity be damned. That, in turn, coincided with my decision to re-emphasize "the basics" that often go missing, but which are the bedrock for getting things done in the real world. The result, for now, seven months later, is this New Master (and annotation is underway—stay tuned to this channel).

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2008 Master Slides, Part One
2008 Master Slides, Parts Two–Five