Cool Friend #123: Steve Yastrow

Steve Yastrow is back for his second appearance as a Cool Friend. You know him from our blog and for his first book, Brand Harmony. His new book is We: The Ideal Customer Relationship. Steve says that if your customer thinks of the relationship you share as a “we” relationship, rather than as “us and them,” you move beyond experience to engagement. He’s the founder of Yastrow & Company, a Chicago-based consulting firm, where he and his team challenge organizations to take a fresh look at themselves from the inside out. Find out more by reading his Cool Friends interview here.

We started something new with this interview! Erik has long wanted to post audio along with the texts, and since Steve is such a good friend, he agreed to pioneer the format. So, if you’d like to listen to the interview rather than read it, use these links:
Full-length Interview (MP3: 19 minutes, 8 seconds)
3 Things from Steve (MP3: 2 minutes, 32 seconds)