"Best Business Book of the Decade" (Hands Down)

Okay, two years left in the decade. No problem, this one’ll stand the test of time—at least as far as I’m concerned. Just thought I’d remind you, as I’ve talked about it before:

The Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

My short take: A couple, at most, waaaay out of the blue events (“black swans”), beyond the grasp of planning or direct preparation, will define your professional career. (Think Ben Bernanke and the sub-prime crisis, or more specifically Bernanke and Bear Stearns. Or Mayor Giuliani and 9/11. Or the 1962 Cuban missile crisis—I’m re-reading Graham Allison’s classic Essence of Decision, said re-reading triggered by The Black Swan. Or the Latin American debt crisis-default; collectively, our big banks lost more money in 1982 than they had made in the prior 200 years.)